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 Asus Computer International, Inc.
 Casio, USA
 Harman Professional
 Maxell Pro AV (formerly Hitachi America)
 National Public Seating
 Newline Interactive
 Oklahoma Sound
 Panasonic Corporation
 QOMO HiteVision
 Sharp - Professional Displays/Monitors
 Spectrum Industries, Inc.

Troxell Communications

4675 E. Cotton Center Blvd
Suite 155
Phoenix, AZ 85040 USA

Phone: (800) 352-7912
Fax: (800) 752-1299

About Us


Troxell Communications is one of the nation's largest Audio Visual Dealers. We have been supplying educational institutions and businesses for more than 45 years. We can provide you, our valued customer, the best choice of solutions for your training and presentation needs.

Products such as:

Televisions - VCRs - Camcorders - Video Editing Systems - Video and Data Projectors - Overhead Projectors - Audio Equipment - Large Data Monitors - Lecterns - PA Systems - Etc. Etc.