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About Us

Howard Computers is the newest division of Howard Industries, Inc. - a $500 million electrical products company. Howard Industries was founded more than 30 years ago by Billy and Linda Howard. The Howards have grown their core business - distribution transformers - into the leader of their industry. Today, Howard Industries' Transformer Division is the number one producer of distribution transformers in the United States and is housed in the largest transformer plant in the world - 1.6 million square feet.

The Howards have diversified their interest over the years to form their own trucking company - Howard Transportation. Begun in the era of deregulation of the industry to haul Howard's own products, Howard Transportation now carries 60% of its load from companies other than Howard Industries and is one of the leading Southeastern carriers.

Not satisfied with all their success, the Howards again diversified in the early 90's and formed a new division - The Ballast Products Division. This division manufactures electronic and magnetic ballasts. In just 6 years in operation, this division has grown to 3rd in its industry.

Finally, the Howards again branched out to form Howard Computers. Although a new division to the Howards, the manufacture of personal computers was far from a new venture for Howard Industries. They had been building computers in-house for their own use for approximately 8 years. The decision to branch out and market their products to others was an easy one given the dynamics of the marketplace and the Howard's confidence in their ability to build a business from the ground up.

Over the last four years, Howard Computers has grown at an exciting pace and will have more than 40,000 computers in service in the near future. Howard Computers founded itself on quality being of the highest importance. For this reason they do extensive product testing both before, during, and after the manufacture of the computer. Below are listed a few of the tests that Howard Computers undergo.

Compatibility Testing
Every ?new? configuration is first tested in Engineering before going to the plant floor to guarantee compatibility of its components.

Component Validation
Every component is scanned during assembly to assure that it matches the BOM created by the Engineering Department.

Serialize All Major Components
The serial number of every major component within a Howard Computer is recorded.

Burn-In Testing
Every Howard Computer goes through a 4 hour diagnostic and burn-in process.

Customer Audit
Every Howard Computer goes through a customer audit procedure prior to pack-out during which the unit is reviewed through the eyes of the customer.

In addition, Howard Computers is ISO 9001:2000 certified and is now working on its ISO 14001 certification.

Howard Computers offers a full product line of hardware, software and accessories for its customers. Howard offers desktop computers, laptop computers, servers, printer, scanners, and other accessories such as digital cameras and the like.

Howard Computers is a Gold Member of the Microsoft System Builder Program - an honor reserved for few by Microsoft. In addition, Howard Industries has had a close working relationship with IBM and its member companies for the last 20 years and that relationship has grown stronger with the advent of Howard Computers. Howard has worked hard to establish strong ties both to its direct vendors and to the channel.