Lightspeed Systems, Inc.

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Building 1, Suite 350
Austin, TX 78746 USA

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About Us

Technology is transforming how teaching and learning take place in classrooms around the world. Mobile devices, online learning, digital content, and flattened classrooms all have the potential to increase academic achievement by engaging students, personalizing learning, and providing anytime, anywhere access to lessons and schoolwork.
The potential is high, but it isn’t always easy. That’s where Lightspeed Systems comes in.
Lightspeed Systems solutions transform education by safely and easily connecting people, resources, and technology.
We do this by following a simple philosophy: Always be learning. Always be teaching.
Today we help thousands of schools around the world protect and engage more than 25 million students. Our solutions include a Web Filter, Mobile Manager (MDM), and Relay for Google Chrome and Bundle for Windows. Together these solutions make it easy for schools to keep students safe and devices managed, especially as they roll out 1:1 deployments.