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Northeast Data, Inc.

23 Hollow Crest Road
Tunkhannock, PA 18657 USA

Phone: (570) 996-666
Fax: (570) 996-6670

About Us

Northeast Data maintains a talented staff with professional experience in designing, installing, testing and most importantly maintaining a system specific to the individual client’s needs. Northeast Data specializes in the design & installation of multi-site WAN/LAN.

Whether it is server back ups, Exchange Server back up for Mail, SQL Server back up, SharePoint Server back up or Virtualization back up, Northeast Data will help provide a solution for your company’s back up needs.

Contact Northeast Data to help you establish a disaster recovery plan that will ensure your data is backed up in a safe and secure manner.

Thanks to Northeast Data’s continued dedication to being at the forefront of new technology our team of professionals can help establish virtual desktops for your company.