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Vicon Industries, Inc.

135 Fell Court
Hauppauge, NY 11788 USA

Phone: (631) 952-2288
Fax: (631) 951-2288

About Us

Vicon Industries, Inc., incorporated in 1967, designs, manufactures, assembles, and markets a wide range of video systems and system components used for security, surveillance, safety, and control purposes by various end users. Our primary business focus is the design of digital video systems sold worldwide, primarily to installing dealers, system integrators, government entities, and distributors. We operate within the electronic protection segment of the security industry that includes fire and burglar alarm systems, access control, video systems, and article surveillance. Our products are used for crime deterrence, visual documentation, observation of inaccessible or hazardous areas, enhancing safety, managing personal liability, manage control systems and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of personnel. Our products are used in office buildings, manufacturing plants, apartment complexes, retail stores, government facilities, transportation operations, prisons, casinos, arenas, health care facilities and financial institutions. We offer a variety of products to fit the many varied climatic and operational environments in which our products must perform. We have the ability to produce to specification or modify existing products to meet demand. Our engineering and development is focused on improved video systems and system components geared toward the application of digital video technology, specifically compression, transmission, storage and display of digital video.