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Eastern Datacomm, Inc.

44 Commerce Way
Hackensack, NJ 07601 USA

Phone: (201) 457-3311
Fax: (201) 457-1811

About Us

Eastern DataComm has been providing schools districts, municipalities, and libraries both large and small with end-to-end solutions for a range of voice communications and data networking solutions including VoIP phone systems, emergency notification systems, paging systems, wireless clock solutions, bell controllers, and wiring & cabling. Our solutions are designed and implemented with one purpose: to keep students safe and enable teachers and staff to communicate quickly and clearly.

Now, with Eastern DataComm's patented LENS solution, multiple communications technologies can work together in concert to provide an automated lockdown and emergency notification through audible voice messages, flashing strobe lights, signboards, calls to desk phones and /or cellular phones, emails, text messages, and desktop pop-ups all through the simple activation from a button, desk phone, smart device, or handheld radio.

We break through barriers that make IT and phone purchases costly and confusing with straightforward solutions that help you feel confident about your next technology purchase. We consistently deliver effective, understandable solutions that help you work faster and easier, on time and within budget.