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Versa Products, Inc.

14105 Avalon Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90061 USA

Phone: (310) 353-7100
Fax: (310) 353-7109

About Us

We here at Versa Tables would like to thank you for considering our products in your search to find the highest-quality and most affordable computer furniture on the market. In addition to our outstanding customer service and exceptionally durable product lines, Versa Tables emphasizes several core features which set us apart from the competition, American Made, Lifetime Warranty, Free Shipping, and Environmentally Friendly. With over 10 years of manufacturing experience and thousands of satisfied customers, we are confident that our extensive line of versatile and durable tables, desks, carts, and accessories will exceed your highest expectations.

Since our initial incorporation, Versa Tables has been proud to sell only 100% American made products manufactured in our Los Angeles factory and shipped directly to our end consumers. Only the highest quality American 14 gauge steel beams and laminated wood surfaces are used to make Versa products, and every item is hand inspected by our on-site professionals.

As a part of our commitment to producing only high-quality products, Versa Tables offers a lifetime warranty on all products, and a 30-day “no questions asked” return policy. Our goal is to insure that every Versa Tables customer is not only satisfied, but pleased with their purchase decision.

Despite rising fuel and transportation costs, Versa Tables continues to offer free shipping on all orders delivered within the contiguous 48 United States. Expedited shipping, inside delivery, and on-site installation can be arranged upon request for your convenience.

Last but not least, we at Versa Tables have worked hard to utilize only clean and environmentally friendly processes throughout every step of manufacturing, painting, and order processing. We use a closed-circuit powered painting system to eliminate all air pollutants, 95% natural lighting to reduce electricity consumption, and a 100% paperless fax and order processing system, just to name a few of the ways we are doing our part to protect the environment.