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Zonar Systems, Inc.

18200 Cascade Avenue S.
Seattle, WA 98188 USA

Phone: (206) 878-2459
Fax: (206) 878-3082

About Us

Zonar is a $130m company with more than 350 employees, founded in 2001 to increase the safety and efficiency of fleets across the USA. Our patented EVIR (Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting) technology is the only way to perform verified pre- and post-trip inspections, and approved for use in all 50 states.

Zonar has a complete fleet telematics platform that integrates GPS tracking, geofences, alerting, and detailed vehicle reports, with an in-cab tablet computer system for electronic forms, ELD and AOBRD compliant logging, Driver Identification, navigation, and two-way messaging.

For student tracking we have the Z Pass product that consists of an RFID card reader installed in each bus, and each student using their RFID ID card as they enter and exit the bus. Zonar Verify ensures the right student, right bus, right stop, every time, by presenting the driver with a list of students at every stop.

All of our data is stored in US-based data centers, and is available via our award-winning Ground Traffic Control fleet management application. Increase fleet compliance and safety, save money on fuel by reducing idle time and excessive speeding, and equip your drivers with a robust in-cab tablet computer that is designed for heavy use in harsh environments.