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About Us

TechXtend (formerly Programmer's Paradise) is a leading reseller of software, systems and services for information technology professionals in the United States and Canada. We're a subsidiary of Wayside Technology Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: WSTG).

TechXtend is proud to be a VAR 500 company — recognized as one of North America's leading technology solution providers.

TechXtend sells software and hardware solutions and supporting technical services for workstations, servers, storage and networks. We represent an extensive line of solutions from leading publishers of software and tools for virtualization, application and network infrastructure, application lifecycle management, database modeling, security, and other technically sophisticated domains. And for software development professionals, TechXtend still carries the complete Programmer's Paradise selection of software and tools for application and database development — IDEs, components, development and test tools, database modeling and design tools, web design/development, and more.