Norman S Wright

99A South Hill Drive
Brisbane, CA 94005 USA

Phone: (415) 467-7600
Fax: (415) 467-0900

About Us

In business more than 100 years, Norman S. Wright provides customers with exceptional systems knowledge to meet all project requirements. Representing HVAC manufacturers worldwide, Norman S. Wright’s product lines support the latest energy, sustainability, and comfort standards. Sales and application engineers focus on customers’ needs and industry changes—building codes, energy-efficient technology, human health and safety, and capital and operational costs. Norman S. Wright offers prompt, problem-solving expertise for design and construction professionals.
Specializing in HVAC products and services, Norman S. Wright Company today employs 170 people in our sales offices in San Francisco, Santa Clara (Silicon Valley), Sacramento, Fresno, Chico, Santa Rosa (Napa Valley), Stockton, Pismo Beach, Honolulu, Reno, Las Vegas and Guam. In addition, 55 people work in our more recently acquired branches: Norman S. Wright-Southern California, Mechanical Products Intermountain in Salt Lake City and Norman S. Wright-Duckworth