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Frequently Asked Questions and
   Epylon Customer Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why did PEPPM select Epylon as its electronic purchasing partner?
A. This selection was based upon the strength and capabilities of Epylon’s product, staff and leading edge technologies.  In particular, key founders and executives of the company are former administrators and leaders of school agencies and state education departments.  They clearly understand the nature and power of cooperative purchasing as well as the specific needs of education agencies.
Q. How many products and vendors are represented on the PEPPM Contract?
A. Across all states, a total of over 150 vendors and 250 product lines have been awarded for the PEPPM Contract.
Q. What types of products will I have access to on the PEPPM Contract?

The PEPPM Contract offers a wide variety of products such as:

Computer Systems
Networking Equipment
Telecommunications Equipment
Computer Furniture
Projection Equipment
Anti-theft Devices

Library automation software

Q. How do I know if my organization is eligible to purchase from the PEPPM Contract?

The following agencies in the following states are eligible to purchase:

PA - All Public K12 Schools and Community Colleges as well as area Vocational Technical Schools, Intermediate Units, Public Libraries, State approved Private and Charter Schools, Nonpublic Schools and with the vendor’s approval and where permissible by statute or regulation, colleges and universities.

CA - Public K12 Schools and Community Colleges, including offices of education.

For other states, see the "PEPPM Bid Process and Award Details" on the states' PEPPM home page.

Q. How do I search for items on the PEPPM Contract at
A. At the bottom and top of each page on the site you will see the entry field for the search engine that was installed to make searching for particular items within PEPPM price lists easier.

Just enter one or more keywords and click on the "Search" icon. A list of links to PDF files containing the key words will appear.

Select a link and the file will be opened with the keywords highlighted. The "Find Next" (binoculars with an arrow) button will take you to the next occurrence of the keywords in the document.

Use the "Back" button of your browser to go back to the previous screen.

In order to view PDF files, Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on the computer you are using.  See the download page for links to acquire the appropriate program.

Q. How do I search for PEPPM ontract items at
A. You can search for PEPPM contract items online in your Epylon account by selecting a specific category, choosing a specific vendor, or entering keywords.  You will also receive a PEPPM-Epylon Resource Guide which will help you find and purchase from PEPPM products on the Epylon site.
Q. How do I make purchases utilizing pricing from the PEPPM Contract?

There are two ways to purchase from the PEPPM Contract:

To purchase electronically with Epylon:

Log on to your account at (If you have not registered with Epylon, you will need to register prior to logging on, once your registration form is complete, a customer service representative will follow up with you and forward you a user name and password).

Click on the “Contracts” tab to locate PEPPM Contract. In the Contract No. field type “PEPPM”. 

In the Keyword field enter the brand name you are looking for and click search. 

Select the items you would like to order and create an electronic PO which will be sent electronically to the vendor via the Internet.

To purchase via fax:

Log onto and select your state. After accessing your state’s page, browse or search either the vendor or product categories to locate the items you would like to order.  Once items are located, simply follow the ordering instructions provided by the Awarded Vendor, and create a PO to fax to PEPPM at (800) 636-3779.  

It is critical that once you complete your Purchase Order it must be faxed to PEPPM at (800) 636-3779.  Do not mail the purchase order to the Awarded Vendor, you must fax it as noted.  As a condition of the bid award, Awarded Vendors are only permitted to accept paper orders via fax to the number noted.

Make sure you include the date and “As Per PEPPM” on your purchase order.

Q. What should I do if a vendor contacts me with changes to my order?
A. Please call customer service at 888-211-7438 and inform them of the change.
Q. How do I process E-Rate purchases?
A. Buyers taking advantage of E-Rate discounts must indicate this on the PO, by using the words “E-Rate Purchase Order” whether it is a faxed PO or an electronic Epylon PO, so vendors can act on it accordingly.

Orders will be processed the same as any other PEPPM order – the only real difference being the discount the buyer is entitled to through the e-Rate program, and the delayed delivery of the product(s).  Make sure you get your E-Rate purchase orders in and file your Form 471 by the deadline.

Q. How do I calculate the shipping costs for items purchased from the PEPPM Contract?
A. All PEPPM Contract prices include shipping costs if the total order is more than $500.  Shipping charges may be assessed for orders under $500. 
Q. How often does contract pricing in PEPPM change?
A. PEPPM vendors have the right to change contract item prices weekly. This is why it is very important that you put the effective date on your purchase order.
Q. What are the benefits to purchasing from the PEPPM Contract through Epylon?
  • Save time and money researching products online

  • Lower processing costs

  • Create and send electronic PO’s

  • Complete audit trail

  • Create and send electronic requests for quotes to obtain bid protected volume based discounts

Q. How do I establish an account with Epylon?
A. Go to and click on Buyer Registration, or select the Registration link on the PEPPM website. Registration is easy. Just complete and submit the brief online registration form. Epylon will contact you to confirm your organization's participation, and then email your authorized account owner with a user name and password. Epylon will mail you a "Getting Started with Epylon" kit that includes detailed information on Epylon training and customer support programs and a special guide to purchasing from the PEPPM Contract.
Q. Once I register with Epylon, what other services, in addition to electronic purchasing from the PEPPM Contract, are offered?

Epylon offers many additional features such as:

  • eCatalog - real-time product details and pricing from suppliers

  • eQuote - send and receive electronic requests for quotes

  • Integrated Search - seamlessly search from contracts, eQuotes, and eCatalog

  • Shopping Lists - create and save lists of routinely purchased items

  • Insight – review Epylon’s news service containing articles pertinent to education and purchasing

  • Epylon Supplier Network - access to approximately 1,600 education-specific suppliers

 A complete list of services can be found at

Epylon Customer Service

Epylon is dedicated to the highest quality standards - quality of our service, quality of our relationships and quality of our customer's experience. Epylon is committed to actively listening to you, providing solutions and continually evolving as a service organization.  

Our Customer Service Team is available to assist you from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday-Friday at 888-211-7438  or


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