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Epylon_logo.gif (1992 bytes) Epylon Benefits

Benefits to PEPPM Buyers

This year PEPPM offers the exciting opportunity to make your PEPPM Contract purchases via the Internet. PEPPM has partnered with Epylon, an eProcurement solution provider for education and government. PEPPM is working with Epylon to enable you to immediately benefit from the power of eCommerce.

How do you benefit from this relationship?

Epylon offers many efficiencies that you will want to explore, but the immediate benefit to you is electronic purchasing from the newly awarded PEPPM Contract. Using Epylon to purchase from the PEPPM Contract provides you with the following advantages:

  1. Search the PEPPM Contract for a specific line item without looking individually through every contract. For example, if you know you want to buy a laser printer, you can enter this information in a search and all of the PEPPM awarded line items for “laser printers” will appear, with a link referencing the originating contract.
  2. Automatically transfer line items to an electronic Purchase Order, eliminating the need to retype the information. Complete the Purchase Order with your own Purchase Order number, shipping address, specifications, etc. and send it electronically to the vendor. No paper needed!
  3. All Purchase Orders sent via Epylon are automatically stored in an electronic, web based filing box. Purchase Orders will reflect your PEPPM Contract purchases and provide an audit trail for your protection.

What else does Epylon have to offer?

Epylon provides much more than PEPPM Contract access and electronic purchase capabilities. Here is a list of some of the other features and benefits available.

  • eRequisition - Create paperless requisitions, generate multiple purchase orders from a single requisition, and forward them on for approval.
  • eQuote - Send and receive electronic requests for quotes, eliminating the need to fax, mail, or call vendors.
  • eCatalog - Review product details and pricing from your suppliers.
  • Lists - Manage your recurring requests and favorite items in shopping lists that you can name and share.
  • Retriever - Shop vendors’ websites directly and bring items back to your requisition or purchase order directly via an online shopping cart.

Visit for more information.


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