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The following list displays the product lines that have been awarded to a specific vendor.  In addition, the listing also includes those product lines in which the Awarded Vendor has designated the listed vendor as an Authorized Reseller.  Products that the vendor is listed as a reseller on are noted as "Authorized Reseller."  Products that the vendor is listed as a reseller on are also listed in the Authorized Resellers lists linked from the left blue navigation bar. 

Product lines followed by a gold arrow () are available to government agencies.  More information
Product lines followed by a green arrow () are available to universities and higher education agencies.  More information

A+ Mobile SolutionsJP Lilley & Son, Inc.
bulletA+ Mobile Solutions   
bullet Comprehensive   
A+ Technology and Security Solutions, Inc. Juniper Networks
bullet Alvarado   
bullet Juniper Networks   
bullet ETR   
bullet Identicard Systems   
bullet Kajeet   
bullet SDC Security   
KinetiGear, LLC
bullet SISCO   
bullet BOXZY   
Ace Computers KIT Communications
bullet ACE Computers   
bullet Exacq   
ACP Direct
bullet LTS Security, Inc.   
bullet Labsonic   
bullet Paxton Access, Inc.   
Adorama Camera, Inc.
bullet Primus Cable   
bullet Anchor Audio   
bullet West Penn Wire   
bullet Canon USA - Imaging Products   
Lexmark International, Inc.
bullet LaCie   
bullet Lexmark International, Inc.   
bullet Luxor   
Liebert Corporation
bullet Sennheiser   
bullet Liebert   
bullet Sony Electronics - Consumer   
Lightspeed Systems, Inc.
bullet Lightspeed Systems   
bullet Adtran, Inc.   
Lightspeed Technologies, Inc.
Advanced Technology Services, Inc.
bullet Lightspeed Technologies, Inc.  
bullet Huawei   
Aerohive Networks
bullet Adobe Systems, Inc.  
bullet Aerohive Networks   
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise USA, Inc.
bullet Markant  
bullet Alcatel-Lucent   
Allegheny Education Systems
bullet Marvel   
bullet Amatrol  
MiEN Company
bullet Epilog Laser  
bullet MiEN Company  
bullet ezRouter  
Mitel Business Systems, Inc.
bullet Stratasys  
bullet Mitel, Inc.   
bullet Techno, Inc.  
Mythics, Inc.
bullet Oracle America, Inc.   
bullet AngelTrax   
NCS Technologies, Inc.
Anywhere Cart
bullet NCS Technologies, Inc.   
bullet Anywhere Cart   
NetApp, Inc.
Apple Inc.
bullet NetApp   
bullet Apple Inc.   
App-Techs Corporation
bullet Netskope   
bullet App-Techs Corporation   
Newline Interactive
bullet HIKvision   
bullet Newline Interactive   
bullet Isonas   
Nova Solutions, Inc.
bullet Milestone Systems, Inc.   
bullet Nova Solutions, Inc.   
bullet Mobotix   
NRG Controls North, Inc.
Assurance Data, Inc.
bullet Pelco   
bullet LogRhythm   
bullet TAC/Schneider Electric   
Asus Computer International, Inc. NWN Corporation
bullet Asus Computer International, Inc.   
bullet NWN   
Audio Enhancement Optiv Security, Inc.
bullet Audio Enhancement
bullet Bluecoat Systems   
Avaya, Inc. Panasonic System Communications
bullet Avaya   
bullet Panasonic Corporation   
AVRover Paragon
bullet AVRover   
bullet Paragon Furniture   
bullet ONfinity   
Paragon Micro
bullet PacketViper, LLC   
bullet AVST   
PCS Revenue Control Systems, Inc.
BAK USA Technologies Corporation
bullet PCS Revenue Control Systems, Inc.
bullet BAK USA Technologies Corporation   
Philips Signage Solutions
BenQ America Corporation
bullet Philips Corporation   
bullet BenQ America Corporation   
Phillips Office Solutions
Better Shredders, LLC
bullet Kyocera - Copiers   
bullet Garner   
Pivotal Communications Group, LLC
Boxlight, Inc.
bullet Front Row   
bullet Boxlight Corporation   
bullet WePresent   
Bright White Paper Company Primex Wireless, Inc.
bullet Xyron   
bullet Primex   
Brite Computers Promethean, Inc.
bullet Cylance   
bullet Promethean   
bullet Gigamon   
Pro-Vision, Inc.
ByteSpeed, LLC
bullet Pro-Vision, Inc.   
bullet ByteSpeed Computers   
PSX, Inc.
Camcor, Inc.
bullet Avigilon   
bullet Dukane - Audio/Visual   
bullet S2 Security   
bullet Elmo Manufacturing Corporation   
Qomo HiteVision, LLC
Canon U.S.A., Inc.
bullet QOMO HiteVision   
bullet Canon USA - Copiers   
Radio Engineering Industries, Inc.
bullet Oce   
bullet Radio Engineering Industries, Inc.   
Carahsoft Technology Corporation Rauland-Borg Corporation
bullet Arista Networks   
bullet Rauland-Borg   
bullet FireEye   
Renaissance Learning, Inc.
bullet Next Level Security Systems   
bullet Renaissance Learning, Inc.   
bullet VMware, Inc.   
RoboKind, LLC
bullet RoboKind   
bullet Actiontec   
Ruckus Wireless, Inc.
bullet Airtame   
bullet Ruckus Wireless, Inc.   
bullet Balt, Inc.   
Rugged Protection, LLC
bullet DJI   
bullet Rugged Protection   
bullet Fluke   
bullet GoGuardian   
bullet Russwood   
bullet IPConfigure   
SAFARI Montage
bullet Kensington   
bullet SAFARI Montage 
bullet Kingston   
Sage Technology Solutions, Inc.
bullet LittleBits   
bullet Arecont Vision   
bullet Mojo Networks   
bullet Atlona Technologies   
bullet Onelogin   
bullet EiKi   
bullet PhishMe   
bullet Maxxess Security   
bullet Proline Options   
bullet TeachLogic   
bullet Riverbed   
bullet TOA Electronics, Inc.   
bullet SonicWall, Inc.   
bullet Symantec   
bullet Samsara   
bullet Ubiquiti   
Sapling Company
bullet WatchGuard   
bullet Sapling, Inc.   
ClassLink, LLC Schaedler Yesco Distribution
bullet ClassLink, Inc.   
bullet EverFocus   
Clear Touch Interactive
bullet Firelite   
bullet Clear Touch Interactive   
bullet Hubbell   
CM3 Building Solutions, Inc.
bullet Middle Atlantic Products   
bullet Atlas IED   
bullet Speco Technologies   
bullet Continental Access   
Scholar Craft Products, Inc.
bullet Dallmeier   
bullet Scholar Craft Products   
bullet Enexxis   
School Tech Supply
bullet Feenics   
bullet Datamation Systems   
Communication Systems, Inc.
bullet Pathway Innovation and Technologies   
bullet Cambridge Sound Management   
Security7 Networks
bullet Genetec   
bullet Security Innovation   
bullet Honeywell Security Group Products   
Securly, Inc.
Computer Connections
bullet Securly   
bullet Computer Connections   
Seon Design
Custom Educational Furniture (CEF)
bullet Seon Design, Inc.   
bullet Custom Educational Furniture   
Sharp Electronics Corporation
bullet Sharp - Copiers   
bullet CABLExpress   
bullet Sharp - Professional Displays/Monitors   
bullet GN Netcom/Jabra   
bullet Plantronics   
bullet ShoreTel   
bullet Rapidcare   
Cyclone Products, Inc.
bullet Shuttle Furniture   
bullet Cyclone Products, Inc.   
Sielox, LLC
Dagostino Electronic Services, Inc.
bullet Sielox, LLC   
bullet Aiphone   
Silicon Mountain Memory
bullet AMX   
bullet Silicon Mountain Memory   
bullet Axis Communications   
SMART Technologies Corporation
bullet Crestron   
bullet SMART Technologies   
bullet EasyLobby   
bullet Listen Technologies Corporation   
bullet SMARTdesks   
bullet Samsung - Security Products   
Smoothwall, Inc.
Data Management, Inc.
bullet Smoothwall   
bullet Data Management, Inc.   
Sony Electronics, Inc.
Dauphin DataCom
bullet Sony Electronics - Professional   
bullet Digium   
Sophos, Inc.
bullet Panduit Corporation   
bullet Sophos, Inc.   
bullet Sensor Switch   
Source Code
bullet Valcom   
bullet Source Code   
D-Link Systems, Inc. Spectrum Industries, Inc.
bullet D-Link   
bullet Spectrum Industries, Inc.   
EarthWalk Communications, Inc. Square One Technology, Inc.
bullet EarthWalk   
bullet Zultys   
Eastern Datcomm, Inc. SRC Solutions
bullet LENS   
bullet SRC Solutions   
bullet Razberi Technologies   
Sunburst Digital, Inc.
bullet Visiplex, Inc.   
bullet Sunburst Digital   
EC America, Inc. Swivl
bullet Avizia, Inc.   
bullet Swivl   
bullet Computer Associates   
Syn-Apps, LLC
bullet VBrick Systems, Inc.   
bullet Syn-Apps   
ELB US, Inc. SYNNEX Corporation
bullet Prowise   
bullet Axiom   
EMC Corporation
bullet Barracuda   
bullet EMC Corporation   
bullet Bosch/Philips   
bullet RSA Security   
bullet Brenthaven   
Emergent 360
bullet Casio, USA   
bullet, Inc.   
bullet Chief Manufacturing   
bullet Google   
bullet Cradlepoint   
bullet Copper Cables Direct   
bullet CTL   
En-Net Services, LLC
bullet Da-Lite   
bullet Absolute Software   
bullet DigitalPersona   
bullet Allied Telesis, Inc.   
bullet Ergotech Group, Inc.   
bullet B&B Electronics   
bullet Hewlett Packard - Computers   
bullet Atdec   
bullet Hewlett Packard - Printers/Imaging   
bullet Belkin   
bullet Hewlett Packard - Servers/Networking   
bullet BoardShare   
bullet Higher Ground   
bullet Brother International Corporation   
bullet IXIA, Inc.   
bullet Bump Armor   
bullet LapCabby   
bullet DMSI   
bullet LifeSize Communications, Inc.   
bullet Dremel 3D   
bullet Microsoft - Hardware   
bullet Eaton   
bullet Microsoft - Software   
bullet EIZO   
bullet Netop   
bullet Elite Screens   
bullet Pivot3   
bullet Ergotron   
bullet Red Hat, Inc.   
bullet Fujitsu - Computers   
bullet Samsung - Enterprise Products   
bullet Fujitsu - Scanners/Drives   
bullet SchoolMessenger   
bullet Imation   
bullet Seal Shield   
bullet Infocus   
bullet STEM Fuse   
bullet Iogear   
bullet Storagecraft   
bullet Kanguru   
bullet Targus Group International   
bullet Lantronix   
bullet Xerox Corporation - Printers   
bullet Lumension   
bullet Yuneec   
bullet Matter and Form, Inc.   
Tangent Computer, Inc.
bullet Max Cases   
bullet Tangent Computer   
bullet Minuteman   
Technology Education Concepts, Inc.
bullet NetGear   
bullet GCC America, Inc.   
bullet NetIQ   
Technology Integration Group (TIG)
bullet Novell, Inc.   
bullet Proxim Wireless   
bullet Otter Box   
bullet TouchIT Technologies   
bullet Printronix   
TekVisions, Inc.
bullet Toshiba - Computers   
bullet TekVisions, Inc.   
bullet Urban Armor Gear   
Telecor, Inc.
bullet VFI (Video Furniture International)   
bullet Telecor   
bullet Wasp   
Tequipment, Inc.
bullet Webtrends   
bullet Cloudgenix   
bullet XYZprinting   
bullet Copernicus Educational Products   
bullet Zebra Technologies   
bullet Labdisc   
bullet Zero Cases   
bullet NAO Robot   
ePlus Technology, Inc.
bullet Teq Online PD   
bullet Acer   
bullet Ultimaker   
bullet APC   
Teracat Data Solutions
bullet Checkpoint   
bullet Ken-A-Vision   
bullet Cisco   
bullet Luidia, Inc.   
bullet Citrix   
ThreeSixty, Inc.
bullet Dropbox   
bullet ThreeSixty   
bullet Extrahop   
Toledo Furniture, Inc.
bullet F5 Networks   
bullet Toledo Furniture   
bullet Fidelis   
Top Tier Fulfillment
bullet Imperva   
bullet Top Tier Fulfillment   
bullet Infoblox   
Total Video Products, Inc.
bullet Lenovo   
bullet Optoma Technology, Inc.   
bullet LG Electronics   
Trinity3 Technology
bullet McAfee, Inc.   
bullet AVerMedia Information, Inc.   
bullet MobileIron   
Tripp Lite
bullet Palo Alto   
bullet Tripp Lite   
bullet Pure Storage   
Troxell Communications
bullet Splunk   
bullet Audio Visual Products Catalog   
bullet Trend Micro   
Turning Technologies, LLC
bullet Veeam   
bullet Turning Technologies, LLC   
bullet Websense   
U-Combination Technology
Epson America, Inc.
bullet NEC - Servers   
bullet Epson America, Inc.   
Unistar-Sparco Computers, Inc.
Extreme Networks, Inc.
bullet Black Box Network Services   
bullet Extreme Networks   
bullet Kodak   
bullet Logitech   
bullet FileWave 
bullet Seagate   
FireFly Computers Unitrends, Inc.
bullet Lockncharge   
bullet Unitrends   
bullet Ncomputing, Inc.   
Universal Seating Company
Food Service Solutions, Inc.
bullet Universal Seating   
bullet Food Service Solutions, Inc.   
Forest Scientific Corporation
bullet Varonis Systems   
bullet Forest Scientific Corporation   
bullet SA International   
bullet Berktek   
bullet Universal Laser Systems   
bullet Fortinet   
Fusion Digital, LLC
bullet OnSSI   
bullet Recordex   
bullet PolyCom   
Gatekeeper Systems, Inc. Vernier Software & Technology, LLC
bullet Gatekeeper Systems, Inc.   
bullet Vernier Software & Technology, LLC   
Gemba Security Solutions, LLC
bullet CareHawk Safety Communications   
bullet Versa Tables   
bullet Clear Voice   
Vertical Communications, Inc.
bullet Terracom   
bullet Vertical Communications   
General Microsystems, Inc. Vicon Industries, Inc.
bullet Hitachi Data Systems   
bullet Vicon Industries, Inc.   
bullet SolarWinds   
ViewSonic Corporation
Greene Manufacturing, Inc.
bullet ViewSonic   
bullet Greene Mfg., Inc.   
Walker and Associates, Inc.
Guyette Communication Industries Corporation
bullet 6Connect   
bullet NEC - Telecommunications   
bullet ADVA Optical Networking   
bullet Ciena   
bullet Hann Manufacturing, Inc.   
bullet Grandstream   
bullet TE Connectivity   
bullet Hatch, Inc.
bullet ZyXel   
Hayes Software Systems WAV, Inc.
bullet Hayes Software Systems
bullet Baicells Technology   
Heartland School Solutions
bullet Cambium Networks   
bullet Heartland School Solutions
bullet DragonWave   
Hitachi America, LTD
bullet Mimosa Networks   
bullet Hitachi America, LTD   
bullet Mist Systems   
iBoss Network Security Western Digital Technologies
bullet iBoss Web Filters   
bullet Tegile   
Icon Cloud Solutions, LLC Whalley Computer Associates, Inc.
bullet ICON Cloud Solutions, LLC   
bullet ArcMail Technology, Inc.   
iDesign Solutions
bullet Cables2Go   
bullet NetSupport Limited   
bullet MakerBot   
bullet VEX Robotics   
bullet Mimio   
Insystech, Inc.
bullet Oki Data   
bullet Insystech, Inc.   
bullet Scale Computing   
IntegraONE Whitney Brothers
bullet ESET, LLC   
bullet Whitney Brothers   
bullet Kaspersky   
Wisconsin Bench
Integrated Security Systems, LLC
bullet Wisconsin Bench   
bullet Interlogix   
Xerox Corporation
bullet Lenel   
bullet Xerox Corporation - Copiers   
bullet Status Solutions   
Xirrus, Inc.
Interior Concepts
bullet Xirrus   
bullet Interior Concepts   
Zonar Systems, Inc.
Intertech Ci
bullet Zonar Systems   
bullet ACTi Corporation   
IPVideo Corporation  
bullet IPVideo Corporation   
Ironton Telephone Company  
bullet Allworx   
bullet Ironwood Manufacturing   
ISE, Inc.  
bullet ISE   
bullet Compulocks Brands, Inc.   
IXL Learning, Inc.  
bullet IXL Learning, Inc.   

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