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To search the PEPPM web site and product lines, select your state and use the search box at the top of the page.

Important Note: In order to guarantee bid protection, purchase orders must be faxed directly to 1-800-636-3779. Please do not send purchase orders directly to the vendor. Thank you for your cooperation.

What does PEPPM do with your Purchase Order?

  • We check the pricing to ensure that it is the most up to date and lowest pricing available.
  • We immediately send the purchase order to the named vendor or reseller. Our promised turnaround time is 24 hours, and so far we have been averaging 1-2 hours.
  • We maintain a database of all purchase orders that go through our system, so that we can assist you in the case that you are audited.

Why do you need bid protection on smaller purchases?

  • If you purchase less than the required bid amount for a given product in one month, and later you need to purchase more, you will be in jeopardy of not having bid protection unless you purchase from the awarded PEPPM vendors using PEPPM procedures.

Is spot pricing part of the PEPPM bid?

  • Yes. If you are purchasing a large volume of product, contact the vendor to request a reduced price quote. Make sure the quote states: "As per PEPPM volume discount".  Fax both the quote and the Purchase Order to PEPPM at 800-636-3779.  If you send your purchase order and quote via the PEPPM fax process, you are bid protected – as long as the price on your purchase order is less than that day’s posted price for the product. We will maintain a record of these purchases as well.

Are shipping costs included in the PEPPM price?

  • PEPPM posted prices are the total prices you will pay for items purchased, on orders over $500.  Purchase orders under $500 are subject to freight charges, if your vendor decides to add that cost.

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