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To search the PEPPM web site and product lines, select your state and use the search box at the top of the page.

Using PEPPM and F.A.Q.
F.A.Q. at bottom of page

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Using PEPPM:

In an effort to assure PEPPM bid protection, the following procedures are recommended. Since PEPPM contract information is published electronically, you should take certain steps to ensure that you have the proper information printed at your site for auditing purposes.

  1. Review the PEPPM Official Notice (for Pennsylvania purchasers only), and print a copy for your records.

  2. Select the appropriate PEPPM manufacturer/publisher and review the ordering information. You may wish to print a copy of this information and attach it to the purchase order for audit purposes.
    Remember: All orders must be addressed to the appropriate PEPPM vendor or one of their designated partners and faxed to (800) 636-3779 unless you are using the Epylon eCommerce system to place the order.

  3. Review the appropriate pricing for the manufacturer/publisher. All price lists are stored in Adobe PDF format. The Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF viewer) is available, free of charge. See the download page. This program is required to view the PDF files. After selecting "Current Price List", the file can be saved from the Adobe Acrobat Reader for off-line viewing. You may want to contact the awarded vendor or a designated reseller to request a quote when ordering in volume or the posting date for the list is two or more weeks old. Be sure to request that “As per PEPPM” is identified on your quote.

  4. Create a purchase order for the items you wish to purchase. Type "As Per PEPPM" on your Purchase Order. You may want to attach a copy of the PEPPM pricing for that product for auditing purposes. If a quote was given, be sure to attach to the purchase order.

  5. Fax your order to (800) 636-3779.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I use PEPPM to order the items I want?

  • Offline Ordering using the PEPPM pages:
    After accessing your state's pages, browse or search either the vendor or product categories to locate the items you would like to order. Once items are located, simply follow the ordering instructions provided by the Awarded Vendor, and create a PO to fax to PEPPM (See items 2-5 above).
    Important Note: In order to guarantee bid protection, purchase orders must be faxed directly to 1-800-636-3779. Please do not send purchase orders directly to the vendor. Thank you for your cooperation. Make sure you include the date and "As Per PEPPM" on your purchase order and all PEPPM quotes.
  • Web-Based Ordering using Epylon eCommerce:
    Go to and click on the Epylon login link at the top of the page. If you do not have an Epylon account, please click on the "Buyer Registration" button, and follow the instructions to create an account.
    • Before placing an online order, make sure that your Ship-to Address has been entered by the individual in your organization that manages your Epylon information. Click on My Profile_My Ship-to Addresses to view the addresses available on your account. If it is not listed, you must add it before creating the PO form. Ship-to Addresses are added under Accounts_Ship-to Addresses.
    • When ready to shop:
  1. Login to Epylon at using your username and password.
  2. Click on the Contracts tab.
    1. Choose between a “line item” or “contracts” search.
    2. Select the PEPPM vendor from the Vendor (Awardee) list.
    3. Click “Search.”
  3. Add selected line items to a List.
  4. [Include this step only if the Awarded Vendor is using resellers] Assign a reseller to the item by using the checking the box next to the item and clicking the “Assign Distributor” button.
  5. To request a volume price break, add items to a Spot Price Check form along with your desired quantity and a Response Due Date. The vendor will be notified of your request via email. Once they respond, you’ll be notified and can view the response on Epylon. (After viewing a winning response, continue with the instructions that follow.)
  6. Add selected items to a Purchase Order form.
  7. Click “Submit” after entering a valid PO number and shipping address.
    1. The PEPPM contract will automatically be referenced in your PO.
    2. You will retain a copy of the sent purchase order in your Epylon account. A Printable Version is also available.
    3. The order will immediately be viewable by the vendor.
    4. Your order will be archived for PEPPM bid protection.

For any assistance using Epylon, contact or call 888-211-7438.

How do I process E-rate purchases?
Buyers taking advantage of E-rate discounts must indicate this on the PO, by using the words "E-rate Purchase Order" whether it is a faxed PO or an electronic Epylon PO, so vendors can act on it accordingly.

Orders will be processed the same as any other PEPPM order - the only real difference being the discount the buyer is entitled to through the E-rate program, and the delayed delivery of the product(s).

Make sure you get your E-rate purchase orders in and file your Form 471 by the deadline.

What does PEPPM do with your Purchase Order?

  • We check the pricing to ensure that it is the most up to date and lowest pricing available.
  • We immediately send the purchase order to the named vendor or reseller. Our promised turnaround time is 24 hours, and so far we have been averaging 1-2 hours.
  • We maintain a database of all purchase orders that go through our system, so that we can assist you in the case that you are audited.

Why do you need bid protection on smaller purchases?
If you purchase less than the required bid amount for a given product in one month, and later you need to purchase more, you will be in jeopardy of not having bid protection unless you purchase from the awarded PEPPM vendors using PEPPM procedures.

Is spot pricing part of the PEPPM bid?
Yes. If you are purchasing a large volume of product, contact the vendor to request a reduced price quote. Make sure the quote states: "As per PEPPM volume discount". Fax both the quote and the Purchase Order to PEPPM at 800-636-3779. If you send your purchase order and quote via the PEPPM fax process, you are bid protected – as long as the price on your purchase order is less than that day’s posted price for the product. We will maintain a record of these purchases as well.

Are shipping costs included in the PEPPM price?
PEPPM posted prices are the total prices you will pay for items purchased, on orders over $500. Purchase orders under $500 are subject to freight charges, if your vendor decides to add that cost.


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