Email addresses and numbers for PEPPM staff ready to offer helpful customer service

It’s a dedicated and well-trained team that makes the PEPPM purchasing cooperative so appealing to technology buyers. PEPPM provides a responsive website and develops sterling purchasing contracts. Thanks to the PEPPM staff, school districts and other public agencies can cut through the bureaucracy for cost-saving procurements with solid bid protection. PEPPM takes extra care to listen to both our customers and our awarded vendors. This excellence is rooted in the experience and service dedication of the following team members:

Jared Lehman

Director of Cooperative Purchasing

(570) 246-5963

Contact Jared for:

  • Buyer questions about the bid process or bid documentation not found on the website
  • Problems concerning a vendor
  • Information about becoming a PEPPM awarded vendor


Amber Lind

Cooperative Purchasing Programs Manager

(570) 246-5937

Contact Amber for:

  • Changes in vendor status or contact information
  • Help viewing pricing or ordering instructions


Michelle Kipple

Cooperative Purchasing Data Specialist

(570) 523-1155 ext. 2126

Contact Michelle for:

  • Vendor help with submitting price lists or ordering instructions
  • Vendor help improving the view of their products and pictures


Carol Styers

Cooperative Purchasing Order Specialist

(570) 523-1155 ext. 2161

Contact Carol for:

  • Help with purchase orders
  • The status of a purchase order
  • Help creating a list of items for a purchase order


Jill Gemberling

Cooperative Purchasing Order Specialist

(570) 523-1155 ext. 2145

Contact Jill for:

  • Help with purchase orders
  • The status of a purchase order


Mailing Address

  • Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit
  • 90 Lawton Lane
  • Milton, PA 17847



How to send purchase orders

  • Make purchase orders out to chosen Awarded Vendor or Authorized Reseller
  • Email to (preferred)
  • Or fax to (800) 636-3779 (if faxing, please include contact name, phone number, and email address)

The PEPPM staff is a group of experienced public sector employees of the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit in Milton, Pennsylvania. They are leaders in educational purchasing and informaton technology. As purchasing agents, the group solicits bids, evaluates responses, and recommends awards to the agency’s board of directors.

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