How to place a PEPPM order and ensure bid protection for your technology purchase


It's simple to make a bid-protected purchase under a PEPPM contract using your agency's own purchase order

1. Specify the items to be purchased

If you've created a PEPPM list, you are on the way to the quickest path to getting the technology products you want. Attach the list to your paper purchase order. Make sure you specify the List ID number and the total dollar of the purchase amount on your paper purchase order form. (If you are ordering form California, don’t forget to include tax).

If you have requested and received a voluntary volume discount quotation from the awarded vendor, attach that document to your P.O.

HINT: Any PEPPM lists you save can be updated for the current daily price without re-shopping.

If you do not have a PEPPM list, manually place your desired items on your purchase order and specify “as per PEPPM,” to ensure bid protection.

2. Specify the vendor on your PO form

Following the ordering instructions for each contract, make your purchase order out to your desired awarded vendor, including the supplier's address, city, and state. All orders must be addressed to the appropriate PEPPM vendor or one of awarded vendor’s authorized resellers. (Get help on choosing resellers here.) Do not designate PEPPM as the vendor.

3. Fax or email your purchase order to the PEPPM Order Clearinghouse

Send your purchase order to PEPPM so that your order can be reviewed for accuracy, archived for audit, and sent electronically to the designated vendor. You have two options for sending PEPPM your PO and attachments:

  • Fax to (800) 636-3779
  • Email

If we find errors, prices above the bid price, or discrepancies on your order, we will call you and counsel you on possible corrections. We strive to send vendors orders that are free of the most common errors made on paper purchase orders. It’s helpful if you place your phone number and email address on your purchase order or cover page.



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